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 residents have reported cases of alleged looting in the wake of Hurricane Ida amid fears  could spiral in New Orleans and other cities after energy suppliers warned that power will be out for at least three weeks as utility crews work to restore more than 2,000 miles of downed energy lines across the state.
New Orleans' mayor also announced that the death toll from the storm has officially risen to two after a driver drowned in their vehicle in the city.

On Sunday, a 60-year-old man died when a tree fell on a home just outside Baton Rouge. Authorities have not released any information about the identities of the victims. 
Rescue crews in St. John the Baptist Parish reported that 800 people were rescued as internet and communications services began to come back online, though officials said that 18,000 residents in the parish remained without power as of late Monday.
Ida has been downgraded to a tropical depression. The National Hurricane Center said Ida's maximum sustained winds had dropped to 35 mph by Monday afternoon as the storm's remnants churned northwest of Jackson, Mississippi.

Forecasters said heavy rain from Ida remains a threat as it moves northeast.
Accuweather's Dr. Joel N. Myers said on Monday that the total economic damage caused by Ida will likely fall between $70billion and $80billion. 
Mississippi's governor, Tate Reeves, said that 20 water rescues were staged in three counties on Monday.
In total, some 85,000 Mississippians were without power as of late Monday. 
In Alabama, at least three people were injured after an unconfirmed tornado believed to have been whipped up by feeder bands from Id

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Cantrell noted that looting is nowhere near as bad as it may seem, stating, 'there is no widespread looting going on in the city of New Orleans. What we do have that's widespread are residents who are being neighbors, who are understand and exhibiting the spirit of humility, of empathy, who are cleaning up their lawns and who are servicing their community.

That's widespread in the city of New Orleans, that's who we are.'
Nevertheless, the city has already made 'several arrests' involving looters, Ferguson said and urged residents to report looting when they see it. 
'It is also incumbent upon the community to lean in and lean forward and say this is not the time,' he said.
'Right now we are going through some trying times and we need to really pull ourselves through this together.'
So far, at least one person was taken into custody for looting the Dollar General in New Orleans East. 
CBS News reporter Beau Zimmer posted the photos from the scene on Twitter, which revealed the interior of the trashed store and the parking lot outside littered by overturned shopping carts with merchandise spilling out of them.
A group of looters were caught in drone footage trying to loot a destroyed market in New Orleans on Monday
It is not clear if the pair from the drone video were apprehended or got away with any cash from the ATM machine
The city has already made 'several arrests' involving looters, Ferguson said and urged residents to report looting when they see it
Two men were detained by a Jefferson Parish deputy after being caught allegedly taking cigarettes from a convenience store in Bridge City
It is not clear if the pair from the drone video were apprehended or got away with any cash from the ATM machine they are seen in the footage trying to pry open. 
One of the men in the video is seen toying with the machine.

Another stands beside him and sees the drone before turning his back and leaving the destroyed business.
The video, which was posted to Twitter by WXChasing (Brandon Clement), has yielded 19,100 views and is captioned, 'The moment looters realize a drone is watching them try to break into an ATM [machine] in burned down St.
Claude market in the lower 9th ward.'
The New Orleans Fire Department also posted several photos of the market in St. Claude after it had burned down in the aftermath of the storm, but did not explain what caused the fire and if the business owners were there when it happened. 
Local residents will have to contend with the lack of electricity.

With high temperatures expected to remain in the mid-80s for the foreseeable future, residents won't have access to air conditioning. 
Entergy Louisiana officials said on Monday it may take days for utility crews to determine the extent of the damage to New Orleans' power grid and even longer to restore power to the area, with Bloomberg reporting that repairs could take until late September to complete. 
Bystanders on Monday filmed several people looting a store in New Orleans East
'We have a lot of rebuilding ahead of us,' the company wrote on Twitter.

'We'll be better prepared to give restoration estimates once assessments are done.'
By 7 a.m., the company said more than 888,000 people were without power in Louisiana after Hurricane Ida snapped cables, damaged buildings, uprooted trees and spread debris.
More than 11,000 Entergy workers, supplemented by 25,000 workers from at least 32 states and the District of Columbia, were working to restore power. 
As officials begin to assess damage, power will restored in a way that gets service to the greatest number of customers as safely and quickly as possible, Entergy said. 
Southeastern Louisiana and southern Mississippi were hit with heavy downpours and flooding as a result of the hurricane
Flood watches and warnings are in effect for wide swaths of the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys as well as Appalachia and the Northeast
The hurricane made its way through the Caribbean, making landfall in Cuba before moving onto the Gulf of Mexico and the southeastern United States
Tornadoes are possible throughout the Southeast United States, including the Florida Panhandle, Alabama, Georgia, the Carolinas, eastern Tennessee, and Virginia
While the worst of Ida is over, flash flood warnings remain in effect for wide swaths of the southeastern United States
The storm is expected to leave rainfall throughout the eastern half of the United States by the end of the week
On Monday morning, 216 substations, 207 transmission lines and more than 2,000 miles of transmission lines were down. 
Footage of a store being looted in NOLA was captured by a drone photographer on Monday, with locals filmed rifling through an ATM and taking drinks.

That has sparked fears the city could be hit by a crime spiral during its prolonged darkness. 
Meanwhile, the Sewer and Water Board of New Orleans said most, if not all of its 84 sewage pumping stations were without power. It was relying on generators to keep pumps working to drain the storm water out of the city and bring drinking water in. 
The damage from Hurricane Ida is still being assessed and President Joe Biden recently warned that the death toll - which currently stands at one person - will rise as the human cost of the storm that ravaged the state began to emerge.
Speaking on a conference call to governors affected by the extreme weather event Monday, the president warned he expected the number of people found killed as a result of Ida to rise considerably 
Biden echoed Edwards.

Speaking on MSNBC on Monday, the governor warned that more bad news lies ahead as search and rescue efforts continued in the wake of Sunday's Category 4 hurricane. 
The image above shows flooded streets in Kenner, Louisiana on Monday - a day after Hurricane Ida rampaged through the area
Traffic passed by LaPlace, Louisiana as a traffic light hung from a cable on Monday
A truck in Houma, Louisiana drives past a metal sign downed by Hurricane Ida's winds on Monday
The massive storm rolled through southeastern Louisiana before gradually weakening while making its way toward Mississippi on Monday
He said: 'I don't want to mislead anyone.

Robust search and rescue is happening right now and I fully expect that that death count will go up considerably throughout the day.' 
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