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HardwoodWiki:General disclaimer

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The owners of this Wiki cannot be held responsible for any of the contents on this Wiki. But, if you don't like something, you can always change it. You just can't remove it from history and neither can the owners of this Wiki.

The factuality of this Wiki's pages cannot be guaranteed. Check your facts. Don't believe what you read here on face value.


We (the editors of this wiki) are not part of any law enforcement agency, financial authority or any other organization which is authorized to pass judgment on anyone or anything. Any opinions expressed on this wiki might be based on long-time experiences in areas within or without the scope of this wiki, but are just opinions (at times even poorly funded) all the same and should be viewed as such.


This wiki or it's admins are not sponsored by any person, company or organization. It is completely independent and does not promote the interests of any person, company or organization in particular.

Relation of this wiki to Sicirec Group

Although the users BigSmoke (founder / admin) and MonkeyBoy (admin) on this wiki have a family relation with Sicirec Group founder Popko Peter van der Molen, they are not hired or paid by it or it's founder. Any professional employer / employment relation that existed has ended numerous years ago. Sicirec Group nor it's founder, employees or affiliates endorse or support this wiki in any way. Opinions expressed on this wiki by the admins or anyone else do not represent the opinion of Sicirec Group, it's founder, employees or affiliates. Neither do they, Sicirec Group, support, incite or stimulate the postulation of these opinions on this wiki.

Nor do the founder and admins of this wiki try to promote or advocate any opinions that might be held by Sicirec Group, it's founder, employees or affiliates.