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Popko Peter van der Molen

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drs. P.P. van der Molen

Popko Peter van der Molen is the founder of Sicirec. He was born on July, the 20th in 1944.

Flor y Fauna[edit]

Popko's involvement in the hardwood investment market started as an investor in Flor y Fauna's teak plantations. Inspired by the spectacular growth rates of the young trees and the examples of older teak trees in the neighbourhood, he was optimistic about the incredible financial projections (which, in the end, indeed proved to be incredible). This optimism, and the advertised ecological added value of the Flor y Fauna teak plantations because of the protected areas of native forest, caused him to start selling these investments to friends and family.


Popko founded Sicirec S.A. in 1991 to tend the needs of his clients who preferred to deal with an intermediary instead of directly with a plantation company.

Bosque Puerto Carrillo / PanAmerican Woods[edit]

From 1997 through 2001, Popko was Vice-president of (Ind.) Bosque Puerto Carrillo / PanAmerican Woods (PAW). He was the initiator of the rescue operations carried out through NIBO.

He helped to found NIBO (NederlandseInternationale Bosbouw-Onderneming), the holding with a controlling interest in PAW in 1998. Untill 1998, he was also ad interim-director there.

PanAmerican Woods, comprising around 2,500 hectares of teak trees, is now known as one of the few success stories in the market of teak plantation forestry projects.


FyF 2003 Inspectie door Popko van gestorven boom in Teakwood I.JPGInspection of a dead tree in Teakwood I by Popko
FyF 2003 Popko omarmt een van de dikste bomen in Teakwood I.jpgPopko embraces one of the biggest trees in Teakwood I
FyF 2003 Teakwood VI Meting van een balsaboom in corridor b.jpgMeasurement of a balsa tree in an ecological corridor
FyF 2003 Teakwood VI Meting van een balsaboom in corridor.jpgMeasurement of a balsa tree in a corridor. Popko van der Molen on the background with a map of the plantation

Sicirec Group[edit]

Popko P. van der Molen founded Sicirec SA in 1991 and

Sicirec Group BV in 2007, with its seat in The Netherlands.

Sicirec S.A. is now a Costa Rican daughter company of Sicirec Group BV.

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