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 is planning even more tax cuts as the new PM says she is 'unapologetic' after her Chancellor's mini-Budget sparked panic among markets and her critics. 
Reforms to income tax, Mebel Jepara pension pots, and child benefits are reportedly being drawn up Treasury officials as the PM makes a bid to unleash a 'decade of dynamism'. 
She defended Friday's Budget against criticism of tax cuts for higher earners, declaring in The Mail on Sunday that she was in pursuit of a 'low-tax nation rich in opportunity', despite the nervous reaction that also came from some of her own backbenchers. 
In his striking announcement to the Commons, Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng scrapped the top 45p rate of tax and cut 1p from the basic rate in the biggest package of tax cuts by a  for half a century. 
And 2023's full Budget could see 1.6million savers benefit from a review of the lifetime and annual pension saving allowances, The Sunday Telegraph reported.
High earners on £100,000 could benefit from a full income tax personal allowance, meaning a tax break of £5,000 a year.

While those on £50,000 could also not be charged for claiming child benefit amid fears this stops families from trying to earn more wages. 
Liz Truss has vowed to unleash a 'decade of dynamism' as she defended Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng's Budget on Friday against criticism of tax cuts for higher earners
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It is thought the changes to pensions which mean savers with over £1million in their pension pots like doctors, police officers and highly paid nurses would stay longer in work if they do have to pay less than the 55 per cent tax at the moment. 
If a doctor's NHS pension increases by more than £40,000 in a year - an amount called the annual allowance - it could trigger a one-off tax charge of up to 45 per cent on the excess.
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