Tropical American Tree Farms

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Tropical American Tree Farms - a substantial operation in Costa Rica, owned by Steve and Sherry Brunner.

(Former?) sister company Raleo

Tropical American Tree Farms is a scam. Even those who have owned trees with them since the early 1990's have not received any type of return on their investment, though TATF claims you should start receiving returns after about 7 years (you can look on their website to verify that). They have you sign a contract in English...which sounds good except the company is located in Costa Rica and Costa Rican law says a contract must be in Spanish to be legally binding (of course TATF does not mention this). So basically you are giving them your money and "hoping" they keep up their end of the deal because you will have no legal standing if they don't. More info from other TATF investors can be found at

Cheers pal. I do appreciate the wrtinig.

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