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Flor y Fauna S.A. (often referred to as FyF) is a Costa Rican plantation company founded by Ebe Huizinga.

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Flor y Fauna is FSC certified. Their certification code is SW-FM/COC-06.

Plantations and plantings

Flor y Fauna has developed eight different projects, Teakwood I through VIII. From the projects I through V and a part of VIII, parcels have been sold to private investors. Most of the production area of the projects VI, VII, and VIII were initially sold to insurance company OHRA for its Teakwood Rendementspolis. Later, OHRA sold all her parcels back to the Huizinga family to disappear from the teak market like an invisible ninja moving (its spotless reputation) back in time. The lion's share of these hectares was subsequently cut down and replaced by pineapple plantings.

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  Plant year Wood Area Plantation
Flor y Fauna/Teakwood II 1990 Teak Flor y Fauna/Vasconia
Flor y Fauna/Teakwood VI 1993 Teak Flor y Fauna/Altamira

History of Flor y Fauna

Flor y Fauna was founded in 1989 by Ebe Huizinga, a Frisian entrepreneur. Ebe had originally bought a piece of land in Northern Costa Rica to grow and export flowers to The Netherlands. But, then he was introduced to the teak plantation business by his neighbors, Ralf Stefan Jaeckel and Terence James Ennis. These neighbors were running a teak tree plantation called Bosque Puerto Carrillo (BPC). Inspired by the business model of BPC, Ebe decided to start a teak plantation business of his own. That's how Flor y Fauna was born.

Ohra's participation in Flor y Fauna

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OHRA, a Dutch Insurance society, had originally bought most of the participations in the Flor y Fauna projects Teakwood VI, Teakwood VII and Teakwood VIII. In November 2004, Flor y Fauna has signed an agreement with OHRA to buy back the OHRA hectares. The Huizinga family was given five years in monthly payments to come up with the required sum.

Stichting Continuïteit Flor y Fauna (SCOFF)

Stichting Continuïteit Flor y Fauna (SCOFF) is a Dutch foundation for "Foundation for the continuity of Flor y Fauna". The initiative to the foundation of SCOFF was taken by OHRA to ensure a better conduct of business at FyF. To this end, all voting rights in FyF were brought into the SCOFF and the certified shares were transferred to the Huizinga family. [....]


From a very early stage, Popko van der Molen and, later, his company Sicirec S.A. have been involved with Flor Y Fauna. Through the years, this relationship has gotten more and more strained. In favor of transparency, Sicirec published an email exchange with Ebe Huizinga. With kind permission this exchange is now republished on this Wiki: 2005/July/22/God in Teakland

Teak syndrome

In march 2006, it became clear that there were increasing problems with the withering and death of eight to ten year old teak trees. The cause was (and is) difficult to establish, but the same starvation of teak trees can be witnessed on other plantations in regions without a definite dry season. The problem has been dubbed the "Teak syndrome" and will probably have a significant effect on the yield of the final harvest of the plantings on the Flor y Fauna plantations.

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